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at the Crossroads

C O T A T I , CA

Our Story 

Our story began in 1991 when the original owner,  Mike himself opened up "Mike's at the Yard" in Petaluma. It was a hole in the wall diner that became well known to its customers as a place with delicious burgers, no fries and a side of sarcasm. With a desire to be known he then opened up a second location in the heart of Cotati named "Mikes at the Crossroads" in 1998. Same delicious burgers, still no fries and little more sarcasm. Serving customers 1/2 lb burgers with homemade salads & toppings is how Mikes burgers became well known around Sonoma County. Mike had himself a hardworking team along side of him. Employees that were full of smiles, laughter and of course had a little sarcasm in them. One of them which than became his manager, Dawn Nunes. She helped with serving his amazing burgers to all the loyal customers while also helping him manage the restaurant. She became a familiar face around Mikes. When regulars would come in they would always ask if "D" was working?. That's when people started asking if she was "Mrs.Mike". 

In 2008, Mike was ready to move on and venture out. It was then he decided to sell the business to his manager. Since then she has kept his traditions alive. Same delicious Burgers, same amazing homemade salads but she had to start serving FRIES! and milkshakes and add a few more burgers of her own creation to the menu.

Along with her two daughters, Lyndsey and Melissa, Dawn has kept Mikes at the Crossroads the same amazing place. Mikes has been a place to where all is Welcome with a warm greeting and treated like family. 



7667 Old Redwood Hwy 

Cotati, CA 94931

Tel: 707-665-9999




SUNDAY: 11AM - 7:30PM

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